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June 2015


 This Strategic Plan sets the future direction of the ASFPM Foundation. The plan is an update of the foundation's 2014 ASFPM Foundation Strategic Plan. In support of ASFPM, the foundation will concentrate on select long-term public policy issues. 
Our perception of ASFPM: 
  • Its activities are targeted to practitioners and it also carries messages from practitioners to policy makers. 
  • The ASFPM mission is to promote education, policies and activities that mitigate current and future losses, costs and human suffering caused by flooding, and to protect the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains - all without causing adverse impacts.
The ASFPM Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization supporting ASFPM that: 
  • Acts as a catalyst and conduit to examine major sustainable flood-risk management policy issues supporting ASFPM’s mission.
  • Communicates results and recommends policy options to influence future sustainable flood risk management and natural floodplain and watershed systems management domestically and internationally. 


 The ASFPM Foundation’s strategic goals are to raise sufficient funds and resources to:
  • Support selected ASFPM projects and activities 
  • Support selected activities of chapters and membership
  • Hold events and symposia
  • Communicate foundation’s purpose, accomplishments and needs
  • Fund other worthy projects


Achievement of these goals is implemented by four committees: Fundraising, Projects, Events and Outreach Committees. Specific action items and performance targets are listed under each committee in the strategic plan.

Committee 1 – Fundraising 

Raise funds to assist in achieving the missions of ASFPM and the foundation. Funds will be used to support ASFPM projects and foundation events.

a. Continue to enhance corporate, chapter and individual donor recognition.

b. Update the five-year fundraising plan annually in February. The fundraising plan addresses specific metrics for the following categories:

  • Internal – ASFPM individuals, state chapters and corporate members.
  • External – Groups impacted by floodplain management like bankers, insurance companies, flood determination companies, realtors and developers.
  • Conduct silent and live auction fundraisers at the annual ASFPM conference.
  • Secure sponsorship to fully fund various events.

 c. Enhance capability for people to donate on the website, especially monthly donations.

d. Support the policy agenda and services provided by ASFPM to the foundation to assist in accomplishing the goals of ASFPM and the foundation.

Committee 2 - Projects 

Support projects submitted for consideration to the foundation from ASFPM and ASFPM chapters.

a. Review projects submitted for resourcing for consistency with the ASFPM and foundation missions.
b. Prioritize and prepare resourcing recommendations to the Foundation Executive Board and Board of Trustees.
c. Administer the foundation scholarships annually.

Committee 3 – Events

Sponsor major forums and other events on important public policy issues for flood risk management consistent with the foundation’s and ASFPM’s missions. Publish and communicate the outcomes of these events.

a. Sponsor a major forum on public policy issues at least once every three years.
b. Sponsor or co-sponsor at least one follow up symposia event per year to communicate outcomes to policymakers at the state and local level.
c. Produce and assist ASFPM in producing and disseminating reports, including presentations documenting the outcomes of forums and events. 
d. Jointly develop with Outreach Committee a strategic roll-out plan to transition event follow up actions. 

Committee 4 –Outreach

Communicate outcomes of forums and symposia that promote follow on research and policy activity. Through outreach, become ambassadors on flood risk management and related ASFPM and foundation activities.

a. Execute the strategic roll-out plan for events outcomes.
b. Communicate outcomes from events to ASFPM Policy Committees.
c. Present the foundation activities related to events in at least 15 chapter meetings per year.
d. Present the foundation activities related to at least five meetings with organizations outside ASFPM per year.
e. Biennially update the factsheet/brochure that presents the foundation and ASFPM missions, visions, goals and objectives and clarifies the differences.
f. Augment the foundation website annually with current information including updates, to include a page that documents the outcomes of activities related to that year’s events and key activities.
g. Publish a newsletter distributed to ASFPM’s entire data base via email two times per year.
h. Issue press releases on foundation accomplishments as appropriate.
i. Develop a closer relationship with academia to engage them in implementation and research of outcomes of foundation activities and in shaping public policy.


The governance of the ASFPM Foundation will be managed by the president and vice president, and will include the following: 
a. Maintain the following committee structure to guide foundation activities.

  • Fundraising Committee 
  • Projects Committee 
  • Events Committee 
  • Outreach Committee 
b. Develop annual work plans (developed by committee chairs for each committee).
c. Update this strategic plan at least every other year 
d. Periodically review the roles and responsibilities of the trustees, advisory board members, associates and the relationship with ASFPM. 
e. Review the bylaws annually and recommend changes when necessary to our member, ASFPM.

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