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ASFPM Foundation Committees

Committee Chair Members
Events Matt Koch, Chair Gerry Galloway, Tim Hillier, Sam Medlock, Bill Nechamen, George Riedel, Jerry Sparks, Terri Turner, Diane Brown and Kait Laufenberg
Outreach & Communications Molly O'Toole, Chair Bruce Bender, Janice Roper-Graham, Elise Ibendahl, Deb Mills, Ann Terranova, Veronica Villalobos-Pogue, JoAnna Wagschal and Sonja Wood
Fundraising Jeff Sparrow and Joe Bruno, Co-chairs Marko Bourne, Vince DiCamillo, Mark Forest, Don McEvoy and Gopal “Raj” Raja
Projects Brad Anderson, Chair Bill Nechamen, Dave Fowler, Jessica Ludy, Matt Miller, Bo Temple, Mark Forest, Terri Turner and Diane Brown
FellowsJoAnn Howard, ChairGrant Smith, Wally Wilson, Scott Edelman, Gerry Galloway, Michael Moye, Larry Olinger and Michael Pavlides

The ASFPM Foundation is the respected and recognized leader in focusing attention on and promoting the resolution of issues critical to successful floodplain management. The mission of the ASFPM Foundation is to promote public policy through select strategic initiatives and serve as an incubator for long-term policy development that promotes wise floodplain management. The current ASFPM Foundation Strategic Plan sets the future direction of the ASFPM Foundation. In support of ASFPM, the mission of the ASFPM foundation is to serve as a catalyst for long-term policy and educational program development that promotes management of sustainable floodplains and watersheds.

Events Committee

The ASFPM Events Committee is responsible for designing, organizing and hosting events, as well as assimilating results that further the mission of the foundation. There are three primary event types that are executed by the committee: forums, symposia and Larry A. Larson Speaker Series events.

The Gilbert F. White Flood Policy Forum is held approximately every one to two years, and was initiated in 2004. Since then, five forums have been conducted. By design the forum targets a cross cutting group of invitees to deliberate on a large policy issue facing the nation. The invitees are those who are recognized as subject matter experts or are in a position that has senior level influence over the subject area being discussed. Each invitee is asked to provide an upfront paper related to the topic, providing a snapshot of the prevailing wisdom of the day. Likewise a formal document is produced by the foundation that pulls together the topic and recommendations from the event. Visit our forums page to learn more. 

The State Flood Risk Symposia were initiated in 2011. Since then, a total of 11 have been completed. The symposia are held annually (one to 3 annually) and are intended to be a more focused meeting where the foundation facilitates discussions more on state level issues, which is a much narrower topic than the forum. Visit our symposia page to learn more.

The Larry A. Larson Speaker Series was initiated in 2015 to honor ASFPM's longtime leader Larry Larson. These lectures create opportunities for interaction among the nation's thought leaders on flood risk reduction policy and to maximize timely exposure to relevant discussions and debates on community-based flood risk management and reduction. 

Outreach & Communications Committee

The Outreach & Communications Committee is tasked to communicate outcomes of forums and events that promote follow-on research and policy activity. Through outreach, become ambassadors on floodplain management and related foundation activities.

Our goal has been divided into the following specific tasks:

  1. Execute the strategic roll-out plan developed under Goal 1.
  2. Communicate outcomes from activities related to Goal 1 annually to each ASFPM Policy Committee at the annual meeting.
  3. Present foundation activities related to Goal 1 at 10 chapter meetings.
  4. Present foundation activities related to Goal 1 at 10 meetings with organizations outside ASFPM.
  5. Support a half-time position with ASFPM.
  6. Develop a fact sheet that presents the foundation and association goals and objectives and clarifies the differences.
  7. Augment the foundation website with current information, including updates at least annually to include a page that documents the outcomes of activities related to Goal 1.
  8. Formalize a Foundation Associate Program and require each trustee to recruit at least one associate to participate in foundation activities.
  9. Create a brochure that reflects the foundation’s new mission, vision and goals.
  10. Continue to publish an independent newsletter distributed via email.
  11. Draft and issue press releases for foundation accomplishments.
  12. Develop a plan for closer relationship with academia to engage them in implementation and research of outcomes of foundation activities. Secondly, to engage academia in shaping public policy.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is committed to raising more than $200,000 annually to assist in achieving the missions and strategic goals of ASFPM and the ASFPM Foundation. 
The ASFPM Foundation’s strategic goals are to raise sufficient funds and resources to:

  • Support selected ASFPM projects and activities
  • Support selected activities of chapters and membership
  • Hold events and symposia
  • Communicate the foundation’s purpose, accomplishments and needs
  • Fund other worthy projects

Projects Committee

Based on the guidance and direction provided by Strategic Plan, the Projects Committee was formed to support selected ASFPM projects and activities. The responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Review projects submitted for resourcing for consistency with the ASFPM and foundation missions.
  • Prioritize and prepare resourcing recommendations to the ASFPM Foundation Executive Board and Board of Trustees.
  • Administer the foundation scholarships annually, such as the Student Paper Competition.

The major focus of the Projects Committee is to provide review, support and monitoring of projects. Projects are typically submitted for consideration from ASFPM, ASFPM chapters and members of the ASFPM Foundation Executive Board and Board of Trustees. 

Nominations Committee

The Nomination Committee is appointed by the president and consists of four members. This committee develops a list of potential trustees to be submitted to the Board of Directors of ASFPM for approval. Currently Scott Edelman as the Nominations Committee Chair, and Dan Accurti, Larry Larson, Pam Pogue and Wally Wilson are committee members.

Fellows Program Committee

Learn more about the Fellows Program in this video.

The ASFPM Foundation began its Fellows Program in 2016 to provide an opportunity for long-standing supporters of the foundation who are at or nearing retirement age an opportunity to remain engaged and active with the foundation. The board voted to include the following initial Fellows who were introduced at the Larry Larson Speaker Series in October 2016: Scott Edelman, Mike Moye, Larry Olinger, Mike Pavlides and Wally Wilson.

Qualifications for nominations for additional fellows include a strong record of continued financial support or strong volunteerism to the foundation, or both; individuals of prominence that are new to the foundation, but are committed to the ASFPM Foundation’s mission; and who are willing to assist in developing and encouraging ongoing fundraising via personal networking, representations or creation of unique programs such as estate planning.

The ASFPM Foundation Fellows Chair solicits names for consideration as a fellow from the board and presents a short list to the Executive Board. The annual class of fellows is then submitted to the full Board of Trustees for approval.

As of February 2017, the group has participated in two conference calls to keep the fellows informed about ongoing foundation activities. The fellows’ advice and history with floodplain management adds value to the ASFPM Foundation and its programs.

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